Egypt desert safari

Egypt desert safari

Tourists who travel to Egypt and spend some days in Hurghada should never miss the chance to explore the wonders of the Egyptian desert. Hurghada is in fact famous for its safari and Bedouins tours.

It doesn’t really matter what you ride during your safari tour in Hurghada. Some travelers enjoying their holidays in Egypt prefer to ride comfortable 4X4 vehicles. Other travelers might love to go riding camels or beach buggies. The common feature between all these happy tourists is that they enjoy a wonderful tour in the deserts of Egypt.

Bedouins are among the most distinctive groups living in Egypt. Those wonderful people have managed throughout the years to preserve their habits and traditions. This marvelous safari and Bedouin tour in Hurghada gives travelers who enjoy their holidays in Egypt a chance to explore the Bedouins life in Egypt and their unique culture.

We excel to offer the best day tours in Egypt. Our Hurghada Safari and Bedouins tour is among the most popular trips we offer. We guarantee our guests, coming from different nationalities, would have a supreme time during their trips with us. Our aim is to always reach the highest levels of clients’ satisfaction.

Western desert where you will feel that you are on Marc not Earth

Have an authentic Bedouin lunch and tea in the most romantic and relaxing place ever.

The place you will never expect it is even exist in the middle of the desert.

Camp and set up the tents and the fire to grill and cock your dinner under stars and the clear sky.

Have your delicious Bedouin dinner and tea and .

Be ready to sleep under the stars or inside the tents.

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