The Pyramids of Giza

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 Pyramids of Giza

In fact, the Pyramids of Giza are a major landmark of Egypt and one of the most popular monuments of the whole world.

They are also considered among the most astonishing architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza welcome hundreds of tourists who travel to Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza are located around 18 kilometers away from the center of Cairo in the West Bank of the Nile.

The Pharaohs built the pyramids to serve as the royal tombs of the kings and queens of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

These startling structures are the results of a long process of pyramids’ building in Egypt.

Today, they still amaze tourists who enjoy their holidays in Egypt.

giza pyramids

The Grand Pyramid of Giza

The Grand Pyramid of Giza, or the Pyramid of Cheops, is the largest and the first to be established at the Pyramids of Giza.

Built by King Cheops, who ruled Egypt in the 26th century BC.

The construction of the pyramid was completed around 2560 BC after more than 20 years of building.

With its huge structure and accurate measures, the Grand Pyramid of Giza astonish tourists who enjoy their holidays in Egypt.

Among the famous Wonders of the Old World, the Grand Pyramid of Giza is the only surviving among them. Scholars assert that the pyramids weigh around 6 million tons, with some stone that weighs from 20 to 30 tons at its bottom.

Despite these huge numbers, the measurements of the pyramids are extremely precise to an extent that makes travelers who tour Egypt wonder how was this great structure constructed.  

The Grand Pyramid of Giza had a height of 146 meters while today it reached 138 meters due to several reasons.

It is amazing to know that the pyramid has a side that is accurately equal to measuring 2304 meters. These facts drive travelers who tour Egypt crazy when they view them and know about them.

Another amazing fact about the Pyramid of King Cheops in Giza is that four sides of the pyramid are accurately parallel to the four directions of the compass; West, East, North, and South. 

The Pyramid of Khafre

The Pyramid of Khafre or the medium pyramid in Giza is the second to be built at the complex.

Reigning for around 35 years, King Khafre built his pyramid around the middle of the 26th century BC.

Several travel packages to Egypt include a visit to the Pyramids of Giza.  

The height of the Pyramid of Khafre is 143 meters while the sides measure 215.5 meters.

The Pyramid of Menkaure

The Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest in the Pyramids of Giza. It belongs to King Menkaure who ruled Egypt from 2532 till 2502.

The smallest pyramid in Giza is 66 meters in height.

The Pyramids of Giza are among the most important highlights included in various tour packages to Egypt.

The Sphinx

A magnificent feature of the pyramids of Giza is the huge statue of the Sphinx.

The famous statue of a Pharaoh with the body of a lion guarded the Giza Pyramids for thousands of years.

Constructed out of limestone, the Sphinx was established probably during the ruling period of King Khafre.

Being 20 feet in length and more than 70 feet in height, the Sphinx is considered among the largest statues in the whole world.

This is why many tourists who travel to Egypt are keen to take pictures while admiring them.

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