The Karnak Temple

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Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple is the largest and perhaps among the most impressive Pharaonic historical sites of all time.

It is also one of the most remarkable monuments of the amazing city of Luxor. A visit to the temple is included in many travel packages to Egypt.

Dedicated for the worship of the god, Amun, all the Egyptian Pharaohs wanted to have their own additions in the Karnak. This is why the construction process of the complex took more than 1000 years.

The History of the Karnak Temple

The first to establish the Karnak complex of temples is King Amenhotep I. This was his ruling period that goes back to the 16th century BC.

However, Amenhotep passed away before the first part of the Karnak was constructed. He never knew at the time that this establishment would amaze tourists from all over the world who enjoy their vacations in Egypt.

The first king who really witnessed the construction of the first section of the Karnak was Tuthmosis I who ruled over the country at the end of the 16th century BC.

The word Karnak, in fact, has nothing to do with the Pharaohs. Karnak is the name of a village that was located near the complex of temples.

The Karnak Temples Today

karnak temple
The History of the Karnak Temple

At the entrance to the Karnak Temple today, there is the popular avenue of sphinxes that once linked the temple with the Luxor Temple located nearby.

The construction of the avenue of sphinxes can be credited to King Nectanebo I during the 4th century BC.

This famous avenue was where the Opt festival took place. Today, hundreds of tourists visit the Karnak Temple as part of their tours to Egypt.

After passing the avenue of sphinxes, there is the first pylon, which was also constructed by King Nectanebo I. However, the most impressive section of the Karnak Temple is the Hypostyle Hall with its huge stone pillars.

Most of this section travelers who tour Egypt view today was built during the period of Ramses II and Amenophis III in the 13th and the 14th centuries BC. Many tourists who enjoy their holidays in Egypt admire the Karnak Temple.

The center of the Complex of temples of Karnak dates originally to the 19th century BC during the reign of Senusert I.

This was when the first shrine for Amun was constructed.

Afterward, there is the Middle Kingdom Court carried out by Tuthmosis I who enlarged the temples and added several sections.

A visit to the Karnak Temple is a must for any tourists who travel to Egypt.

Among the most interesting sections, there are two obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut.

The Queen also erected the Pylon VIII of the Karnak.

Karnak the most important temple in Luxor :

Moving inside the Karnak Temple, tourists who visit Egypt would enter the section contributed by Tuthmosis III, the so-called botanical garden.

This name originated from the stone capitals of the pillar of this section famous for their plants and flowers’ shapes. 

The large sacred lake of the Karnak Temple is located in the southern part. The priests usually used water of the sacred lake for ablutions.

The famous scarab statue, with its many legends noting that it causes good luck, is located nearby.

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