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Hatshepsut On the death of the great pharaoh Thutmose I, since his two sons were dead, the favorite daughter Hatshepsut was in a position to succeed the throne of her father. The heir designated, however, was Thutmose II, son of a minor bride, Mutnefret., Therefore of royal blood only by his father. Hatshepsut, as the...

Egypt: discoveries in Minya 2 funeral chambers of dignitaries of the XI dynasty , EgypTravel4You Info

The Egyptian-Australian archaeological mission of Macquarie University (Sydney), led by dr. Naguib Kanawati discovered the burial chambers of two characters from the Middle Kingdom elite named Ramushenty and Baqet II. The discovery took place during the cleaning work carried out inside the two tombs dug in the necropolis of Beni Hassan, in the governorate of...

Electromagnetic Discovery in the Great Pyramid

Electromagnetic in Great Pyramid As the last remaining landmark of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza is not only a tremendous sight but a holder of mysteries about electromagnetic in Great Pyramid. No one is sure when Giza was built, for one thing. Some say 3200 B.C., others say...

Mystery Sarcophagus ” Is this Alexander the great ? ” , EgypTravel4You Info

Alexandria Sarcophagus : Officials at Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities are reportedly exasperated from fielding countless global press inquiries regarding when and how the stone coffin will be unsealed, and so far they’ve refused, understandably, to speculate who its long-dead occupant may be. Two weeks since its discovery, the sealed black granite sarcophagus uncovered at an...

Egypt , EgypTravel 4 You info

Egypt : The official name is the “Arab Republic of Egypt”, the Arabic name is “MISR”, the capital is ” CAIRO”, The official religion is ” Islam”, the official language is ” Arabic “. The ancient Egyptian name was ” KMT ”  its mean, black soils, and also ” Deshret”  the red land, but the name Egypt is derived from the Greek name  ” Aígyptos “....


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