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Saqqara necropolis for the Ancient Memphis

Saqqara is among the richest and significantly important ancient archeological sites all over Egypt, it was necropolis for the Ancient Memphis.

This was the royal burial site of ancient Egypt beginning of the ruling period of the 3rd dynasty who ruled over the land of the Nile from the around the end of the 29th century to the end of the 27th century.

Situated around 30 kilometers to the South West of Cairo. Saqqara is a wonderful destination for the day and half-day tours from the Egyptian capital.

Tourists who enjoy their vacations in Egypt usually visit Saqqara together with Memphis, the first capital of unified Egypt, and sometimes they go to explore the pyramids of Dahshur.

The Step Pyramid of Djoser

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the most interesting monument in Saqqara. It is also the heart of the necropolis and one of the most ancient and surviving stone buildings all over the world.

Djoser is credited for constructing the first proper pyramid in the history of ancient Egypt.

The pyramid was constructed during the 27th century, during the reign of King, Djoser.

who ruled over Egypt from 2665 till 2645 BC. He was the second Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty at the time.

Saqqara the Necropolis for the Ancient Memphis
the step pyramid


Djoser ordered one of the most brilliant architects of ancient Egypt; Amenhotep to initiate the construction works of his pyramid.

Since Amenhotep was a distinctive architect, he thought of a creative idea to construct the period, which marks an important landmark in pyramids’ building of ancient Egypt.

Before the step pyramid, the Pharaohs only built what they used to call Masataba tombs. Which consisted only of one layer of stones built together.

What Amenhotep did was to build six layers of stones, one above the other, and afterward filled the gaps in each layer. The result was one of the most magnificent achievements of ancient Egypt.

Today, the Step Pyramid of Djoser consists of six layers of stones. It is around 60 meters in height with the base with the measurements of 109 X 125 meters.

Historians assert that the whole building used to be covered with white limestone. However, since it was constructed more than 4500 years ago all this layer disappeared.

Among the remarkable sections of Saqqara, tourists who spend their holidays in Egypt should always visit is the funerary temple of the Step Pyramid.

It was built mainly out of limestone and today it consists of a number of tall pillars with each of them around 14 meters in height.

Of course, the Step Pyramid of Djoser and its other items are the most notable in the whole necropolis of Saqqara. However, there are also some other quite impressive monuments.

Tomb of Mereruka

Other interesting places to explore in Saqqara include, for example, the Tomb of Mereruka. He was one of the high officials during the ruling period of King Teti I.

His tomb is famous for its marvelous wall paintings, especially that of the seasons of the year.


There is also what is called Serapuem. This large underground necropolis belonged to Abis god.

Pyramid of Unas

There is the Pyramid of Unas as well.

Constructed in the 23rd century BC, the pyramid belongs to the last king of the 5th dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Museum of Imhotep

Newly established, there is the Museum of Imhotep. Established in 2006, this museum is dedicated to the famous genus architect of ancient Egypt.

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