Nile cruise and cairo 8 days

Nile cruise Private offer and Egypt travel package for 8 Days 7 Nights Covers the highlights of Cairo, Aswan and Luxor. Book Online Holiday Budget Offer to Egypt Only with us

Egypt tour package:

Nile cruise and Cairo 8 days

This perfectly designed Tour package simply gathers all that Egypt has to offer in one organized package which would enable the guests to have a marvelous vacation tour in Egypt.

This Egypt tour vacation package is designed for the best achievers in life who prefer to get all that a destination has to offer.

Egypt tour package tailored for those who love ancient monuments, marvelous Nile cruises.

The summary of the itinerary: Egypt tour package

First Day:

Welcome the guests at the airport, check-in hotel in Cairo, the rest of the day at leisure in Cairo, overnight in the hotel in Cairo

Second Day:

Breakfast in the hotel, visit the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara, lunch at a local restaurant, free evening at leisure, overnight in the hotel in Cairo


Breakfast in the hotel, check out hotel in Cairo, visit the Egyptian MuseumSaladin CitadelKhan El Khalili, lunch in a local restaurant, take the sleeper train towards Aswan, dinner served in the train.

Overnight in the sleeper train

Fourth Day:

arrive in Aswan, check-in Nile cruise ship, visit the Philae Temple,  and the High Dam overnight in the Nile Cruise

Fifth Day:

Free day to spend in Aswan, optional tour to visit the Temple of Abu Simble, overnight in the Nile Cruise.

Sixth Day:

Sail down the Nile in your Nile Cruise to Kom Ombo to visit the temple of Sobek, and then sail to Edfu to visit the temple of Horus, sail down the Nile, overnight in Luxor

Seventh Day:

Visit the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon, An optional tour to the Sound and Light Show in the Karnak Temple, overnight in the Nile Cruise in Luxor.

Eighth Day:

check out the Nile Cruise, Visit the Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple, fly to Cairo airport for the final departure.

Monuments included in this travel package:

Egypt tour package


$ 1199 Per Person in Triple Room
$ 1245 Per Person in Double Room
$ 1799 One Person Traveling Alone

Package Includes

  • Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports
  • The assistance of our guest relations during your stay
  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Transfer from Luxor to Hurghada by private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Transfer from Hurghada to Cairo by F/C air-conditioned coach
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in Cairo including bed & breakfast
  • 1 night on sleeper train on half board
  • for 1 night in Aswan including bed & breakfast
  • Accommodation for 3 nights on a 05-star superior cruise on full board
  • speaking Egyptologist tour guide all languages
  • All sightseeing tours in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All sightseeing tours in Cairo are private tours
  • Entrance fees to all sites as indicated on the itinerary
  • Lunch during your trip to Cairo
  • Meals as mention in the above itinerary
  • Bottled water during the trips
  • All service charges and taxes

Package Excludes:

– Entry visa to Egypt.
– International flight tickets.
– Any extra meals and beverages.
– All personal expenses like laundry etc.
– Tipping to Guide, Driver, etc.
– Any Optional tours may require

The full Intermarry of the Tour:

Egypt tour package

First Day

  • We welcome our guests at the Cairo Airport for a wonderful classical tour in Egypt.
  • would be riding one of our comfortable air-condoned cars towards the preferred hotel for our guests in Cairo.
  • check-in the hotel in Cairo.
  • The guests would enjoy the rest of the day exploring Cairo at their own pace and style.
  • Overnight in the hotel in Cairo.

Second Day

  • Our guests would be having their breakfast at the hotel in Cairo

After breakfast, we would be ready to begin touring Cairo as part of our classical tour to Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

  • We begin the day by visiting the Pyramids of Gizathe most marvelous historical site of ancient Egypt. These huge pyramids served as the royal tombs of the Pharaonic kings.
  • Constructed more than 4500 years ago, the guests would be exploring the Grand Pyramid of Cheops, the largest pyramid in Giza with its gigantic size and accurate measurements.
  • This is beside the other two pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. The guests enjoying their vacations in Egypt would also visit the Sphinx. Constructed in the reign of King Khafre, the Sphinx guarded the pyramids for thousands of years.
  • We would be having lunch in one of the recommended local restaurants in Cairo.


  • Our next visit would be to Saqqaraone of the richest and marvelous burial sites of ancient Egypt.
  • Established more than 4500 years ago.
  • The centerpiece of Saqqara is the Step Pyramid of Djoser which is the oldest surviving stone building in the world and the first proper pyramid to be constructed in Egypt.
  • We would be having delicious lunch in one of the recommended restaurants in Cairo.
  • The guests would have the rest of the day to spend at leisure in Cairo
  • They also have the choice to book an optional tour to the Sound and Light Show at the pyramids or for a Dinner Cruise tour in Cairo.
  • Overnight in the hotel in Cairo



  • Our guests would be having their breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • After breakfast, we would continue our marvelous classical tour of Egypt.
  • We check out the hotel in Cairo.

Egyptian Museum

  • Your first stop of the day will be at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities hosting the largest collection of Pharaonic displays in the whole world including the startling treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun and the Royal mummies’ hall.
  • This is besides many other exhibitions form different Pharaonic periods. Your tour of the Museum will be accompanied by the perfect illustration of different stages of Egyptian history.

Saladin Citadel

  • Our next visit would be to Saladin Citadel in Cairo. Constructed around 1000 years ago by the famous Arabian king and army leader, Saladin, the citadel is one of the most amazing medieval military complexes in Egypt.
  • It served as the seat of the government in Cairo for centuries. Today, the most important places to explore inside the citadel include the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Military Museum, the Mosque of Al Nasser Mohamed, and many other sections.
  • We would be having lunch in one of the recommended local restaurants in Cairo.
  • Khan El Khalili

  • Your last visit of the day will be to Khan El Khalili. This is the biggest and most impressive touristic markets in the region.
  • Mainly established at the end of the 14th century for tradesmen coming from Asia Minor and other regions in Egypt, today it sells all sorts of gifts and souvenirs to take home from Egypt.
  • We drive to the Ramses Railway station to take the comfortable sleeper train towards Aswan.
  • Dinner served in the sleeper train
  • Overnight in the sleeper train

Fourth Day:

Aswan Embark Nile Cruise and Aswan visits

  • Our multilingual long experienced tour guide would be welcoming the guests upon their arrival in Aswan.
  • We Embark the Luxurious Deluxe Nile Cruise Ship.

Temple of Philae

  • Start your visits with one of the most beautiful temples constructed in Egypt, the Temple of Philae.
  • The temple is one of the most popular centers for the worship of Isis. Constructed over the ruins of much older complexes, the construction works of the temple were finished in 116 BC during the Ptolemaic period in Egypt. The whole complex was transferred to its current location after the building of the High Dam in one of the largest UNESCO projects in history.

High Dam

  • Our next stop of the day will be to the High Dam, established in the 1960s as one of the major architectural achievements of contemporary Egypt, the High Dam keeps the water of the River Nile in the Nasser Lake and provide the country with electricity as well.
  • The guests have the chance to explore Aswan in the evening at their own style.
  • Overnight on the Nile Cruise.

Fifth Day:

Aswan Embark Nile Cruise and Aswan visits

  • Our valued guests have a whole day to spend in Aswan exploring this amazing city featured with marvelous monuments and amazing views of the River Nile.

Temple of Abu Simble

  • The guests have the chance to go on an optional tour to visit the temple of Abu Simble in an optional tour from Aswan.
  • The Abu Simble Temple, which is a startling temple built to honor Ramses II.
  • Abu Simble great temple and the smaller temple of Hathor were hewn out of a stone cliff. This huge breathtaking monument was built for the worship of the gods Amun, Ptah, Ra-Hakharty.
  • The most fascinating feature of Abu Simble is the four colossi of Ramses which are 33 meters high.
  • The whole complex was relocated by the UNESCO in the 1970s after the construction of the High Dam.
  • Overnight in the Nile Cruise

Sixth Day:

Kom Ombo – Edfu Nile Cruise

  • The guests would be enjoying their tasty breakfast on board of their luxurious Nile cruise ship.

Kom Ombo

  • The first visit of the day will be to the charming Temple of Kom Ombo.  The temple is among the rare examples of ancient Egyptian temples which were built for the worship of two gods; Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god.
  • With its unique location on the River Nile, the complex was built in the period between the 2nd century BC till the 1st century AD by the Ptolemies.
  • Afterward, the ship will sail to the North to reach Edfu.

Temple of Horus in Edfu

  • The next visit of the day will be to the finely preserved Temple of Horus in Edfu.
  • It is the biggest architectural establishment of the Ptolemies over a period that exceeded 150 years from the 3rd till the 1st centuries BC.
  • Enjoy the evening on the Nile Cruise as part of your travel package in Egypt.
  • Sail to Luxor and overnight in the Nile Cruise. 

Seventh Day:

Luxor Nile Cruise West Bank visits

  • After enjoying the best breakfast on the Nile Cruise, our guests would be ready for an enjoyable day of their tour to Egypt.
  • Today is dedicated to exploring the most important highlights of Luxor, or ancient Thebes, as the Pharaohs called it.

Valley of the Kings

  • We begin our visits in the West Bank by exploring the Valley of the KingsIt is the most marvelous ancient necropolis of the Pharaohs in Egypt.
  • established in the New Kingdom, there are many tombs that are featured with their colorful wall paintings and various ornaments. The most famous tomb of the Valley of the Kings is that of King Tut Ankh Amun.
  • There are many other tombs to be explored as well.

Temple of Hatshepsut

  • Our next visit will be to the charming Temple of Hatshepsut. This temple was built in the 15th century BC at the foot of one of the Theban mountains.
  • The temple is featured with its layout that consists of three terraces, one after another. This is in addition to the chapels of the gods Anubis and Hathor.
  • The temple also illustrates the achievements of the Queen, especially her commercial journey to Pont.

Colossi of Memnon

  • The last visit to the West Bank of Luxor would be to the Colossi of Memnon. These two huge statues are the only remaining elements of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III.
  • The two colossi got their name during the Roman period when air passed through one of the statues causing a humming sound.
  • The Romans claimed that these sounds are of the mother their hero, Memnon, saddening due to his death.
  • We spend the evening at leisure in our Nile cruise ship or the guests would visit the markets of Luxor, or explore more monuments.
  • Overnight in the Nile Cruise in Luxor.

Eighth Day:

Luxor East Bank and Travel to Hurghada

  • Energizing breakfast would be served to our guests in their luxurious Nile cruise ship.
  • We check out our Nile Cruise ship after having a wonderful journey sailing down the Nile.

Karnak Temple

  • We begin our visits of the day in the East Bank of Luxor by exploring the Karnak Templethe biggest and most impressive ancient Egyptian temple.
  • The complex was first constructed in the 20th century BC, during the ruling period of the 11thAfterwards, several sections and contributions were added.
  • The most interesting places to explore in the Karnak include the Hypostyle Hall of Ramses II, the Middle Kingdom Court, the obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, the sacred lake, and the avenue of the sphinxes.

Luxor Temple

  • The next visit of the day would be to the Luxor Temple, the smaller sister of the Karnak. Both temples were linked by the avenue of the sphinxes.
  • The Luxor Temple was the center for the cult of the holy triad of Thebes; gods Mut, Khunsu, and Amun. Featured with the two huge statues of Ramses at its façade, many kings and Pharaohs had their contributions added to the Luxor Temple.
  • Afterward, we would be flying to Cairo for the final departure



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