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September 25, 2018by admin0

New Discovery:

An Egyptian archaeological Mission has uncovered an huge building located in Hid Al-Demerdash area, 400 m to the south of Mit Rahina Museum


Dr. Mostafa Waziri Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities announced.

He pointed that the size of the building is 16×14.5 meters and probably part of the residential area of the site.

It is built of mud bricks supported with large blocks of limestone, and Its outer walls, inner staircases are built in red bricks.

On his part Adel Okash Head of the Central Department of Cairo and Giza Antiquities said that the mission has also found another building attached to the main one at its south-western side which includes of a large Roman bath and a room which may have been used for religious rituals.

This highlights the idea of the existence shrines in houses.

  • A collection of purification basins and limestone holder for offering pots decorated with drawings depicting the head of the God Bes, were found inside the room.

The building:

The building has four entrances and several corridors.
Okaska added that the mission will counties its excavation and studies in order to reveal more secrets of this building


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