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Egypt is surely one of the most interesting countries to visit all over the world. Such rich ancient history, distinctive culture, and amazing beaches grab the attention of numerous tourists to enjoy their vacation in Egypt.

With a surface area of around 1 million square kilometers, Egypt has a matchless location in the East Northern section of Africa.

The Mediterranean Sea is located to the North of the Country, Sinai and the Red Sea to the East, Libya to the West, and Sudan to the South.

The Population

The population of Egypt is estimated to be more than 100 million people.

Nevertheless, all those people live in less than 20% of the overall surface area of the country mainly around the River Nile and the Delta.

The History

The history probably exceeds thousands of centuries.

However, the beginning of the records of Egyptian history began more than 5000 years ago with the unification of Egypt by King Menes.

This is in addition to the creation of the Hieroglyphic language.

Many dynasties ruled over Egypt include the Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Ptolemies, the Romans, the Moslems, the Fatimids, the Ayubids, the Mamluks, the Ottomans, and the family of Mohamed Ali. In 1952, Egypt was transformed into a republic with a president.


 Cities & Highlights

Cairo is one of the most significantly interesting cities .

The most important highlights include the Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Memphis, the Cairo Museum, Khan El Khalili, and the Saladin Citadel.

This is in addition to numerous remarkable historical mosques and churches.

Other notable cities that tourists who travel to Egypt should always visit include Luxor and Aswan.

With wonderful ancient sites like the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, the Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the High Dam.

Many tourists spend their vacations in Egypt to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea in cities like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

They would enjoy the amazing beaches in the morning and then have wonderful evenings in nightclubs, various restaurants, cafes, and many other places.

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