Dr. Zahi Hawas: Soon A great archaeological discovery in Egypt

October 8, 2018by admin0

Dr. Zahi Hawas :


During a tour with a large number of school and university students, famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass revealed that in the upcoming days he would announce a great archaeological discovery, possibly the wife of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Youm7 reported on Friday.

Hawass added that for the first time there would be an announcement of a huge archaeological discovery through a 100 percent Egyptian archaeological mission.

Egyptian mission 100%:

All the discoveries previously made were through foreign missions, but this discovery includes a mission headed by Hawass and 200 workers at the Ministry of Antiquities.

Activities of Dr.Zahi Hawas:


It should be noted that Dr. and the great archaeologist Zahi Hawass toured with a group of children of different ages in the area of the ruins of the pyramid, within the framework of tours of the Center of Zahi Hawass of Alexandria Library.

The aim of the tour is to create a generation of children that will grow up to love the effects of Egypt.

I will guide these children to my blog books during my long journey with the Pharaohs,” Hawass said. To them to know the nature and the great effects of Egypt.


Hawass called on parents to take care of their children and encourage them to read and read, stressing that he adopts children interested in the effects of Egypt through the center of Zahi Hawass for Egypt located in the Smart Village.


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