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The White Pyramid of Amenemhat II – 12th Dynasty Senusret I was succeeded by his son Amenemhat II, certainly the son of Queen Neferu III, who was given the title of “Mother of the King”, when he ruled he started to make his pyramid, the white pyramid, 12th Dynasty. But as they say, the mother...


Pyramid of Senusret I – El- Lisht Senusret I chose El- Lisht to make his pyramid, the pyramid of senusert I. The ascent to the throne of Pharaoh Senusret I takes place in a bloody manner following the conspiracy that sees the killing of his own father, reigning ruler. Dr. Maria Cristina Guidotti, director of...


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The Obelisk Before continuing with the pyramids I would like to dwell for a moment on another monument that has played a fundamental role in the religion of ancient Egypt, the obelisk. Among the remains of the ancient civilizations of the past, from the Egyptians to the Sumerians to the Mesopotamians, the Greeks and the...


The literature of the Middle Kingdom – Story of Sinuhe The most important and complete literary work of all ancient Egyptian literature, and the middle kingdom “The story of Sinuhe”. As I was able to write in previous articles, with the Middle Kingdom, and in particular with the 12th dynasty, Egypt experienced a remarkable cultural...


XII Dynasty Amenemhat I Now we are in the midst of the Middle Kingdom, the actions taken by the rulers of the 11th dynasty have rebuilt a united and peaceful Egypt, On the death of Mentuhotep IV, Amenemhat I, who had held the office of vizier in his service, was succeeded to the throne and...


Middle kingdom – XI Dynasty On the death of Mentuhotep II he was succeeded by the throne of the son of the Great Royal wife Tem, Mentuhotep III, (Horo Sanktauef), during the period of Middle kingdom – XI Dynasty. Considering the long reign of his father, 51, it is believed that Mentuhotep III came to...


The Middle Kingdom-Mentuhotep II-Part 3 We continue exploring the funerary temple of Mentuhotep II and the middle kingdom. . Once past the entrance, a descending corridor, a few dozen meters long, leads to the burial chamber. Investigated by Naville in 1906 then by Arnold in 1971, the corridor has numerous niches on the side walls...


The Middle Kingdom-Mentuhotep II-Part 2 Taking up the previous article, Manetone begins the XI dynasty with Mentuhotep I and scholars place the same in the Middle Kingdom. In reality, as already mentioned, the Middle Kingdom begins with the reunification of the Two Lands, which happens only with Mentuhotep II. We have already spoken of him...


The Middle Kingdom-Mentuhotep II At the end of the First Intermediate Period, Egypt begins a phase of recovery that will bring it to reunification,The Middle Kingdom in which Manetone merges two dynasties, the XI and the XII, actually began only at the end of the XI dynasty with the reunification of Egypt by Mentuhotep II...


IX & X Dynasty: Due to the scarcity of the sources received, it is not easy to clearly distinguish these two last dynasties ” IX & X Dynasty “, that reign at the end of the First Intermediate Period. From the new aggregation center at the capital of the 20th century of Upper Egypt, Ha-...


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